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Whether you’re in the market for specific strategies or a range of financial services, choosing to work with an Investment Adviser Representative is an important decision to make. One thing to consider is the value of working with an Adviser that is independent.

Eric & Rob co-founded Fundamental Wealth Management in 2009 while working for one of the largest "captive" financial service firms. They found that proprietary products created handcuffs on their advice and cookie cutter solutions. They knew their clients deserved better. In 2013 they took the firm to an independent platform and have never looked back.

Investment Adviser Representatives are held to the fiduciary standard. Put on the books by the Investment Advisors Act of 1940, the fiduciary standard requires Investment Adviser Representatives to keep the best interests of their clients in mind at all times. In fact, they are legally required to put their client’s interest first—and always act accordingly.


As Investment Adviser Representatives we are not bound to any family of funds, investment products, or services. This provides clients with confidence that they can trust that the products and services recommended by Eric & Rob are in their best interests and are not just cookie cutter solutions with proprietary products.


To best serve our clients, as Investment Adviser Representatives we seek to develop deep personal relationships, so as to fully understand each client’s specific needs and goals. What’s more, because we are Investment Adviser Representatives and entrepreneurial business owners, we value our client relationships and hold ourselves accountable to our clients.


As Investment Adviser Representatives we typically operate on a fee-based compensation model—which is simple, transparent, and incentivizes growing a client’s assets. Therefore, when the client does well, so does our business. It puts skin in the game and us on the same side of the table as the client.


Acting as your financial quarterback, as independent advisors we help clients come up with a financial game plan that looks at the big picture, no matter how complex your financial needs. While some independent advisors concentrate on specific investment strategies, our firm offers comprehensive financial solutions for individuals, families, and business.

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